The Love of Vicentica Foundation

Programs and Initiatives

The mission of The Love of Vicentica Foundation had been alive even before its founding. Since 2002, the founder of this non-profit organization, in cooperation with her family and friends, has regularly sent financial assistance to the needy.

Scholarships were granted to selected students, financial aid provided to a few, and rice and milk distributed to the poorest of the poor. Eventually, the goal became the expansion of the scope of these services and increasing the number of recipients.

Our goal is to create jobs to increase the employability of people with disabilities and people with no academic education. Resource speakers, educators, trainers, and job coaches will be sponsored by the foundation to conduct vocational-skills training in the areas of agriculture, arts, child-care, printing, plumbing, welding, metalworking, landscaping, carpentry, travel, and tourism, etc.
The foundation will shoulder all costs associated with the pieces of training, including capital for the trainees to start their own business.

The Love of Vicentica Foundation also extends its resources to the Congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Therese in Haiti - the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and works with other organizations that have programs that intend to support health, education, and orphanage services.

Although the organization narrows down the emphasis of its mission to the less fortunate in Batanes, Philippines and Haiti, it is the foundation’s objective to be able to support any good-cause projects around the globe especially those that support feeding programs, distribution of grocery items to poor communities, tuition fee assistance, livelihood efforts or religious programs that are similar to the vision and mission of the Vicentica Foundation.