The Love of Vicentica Foundation


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The Republic of Haiti occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola. It is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by the Dominican Republic, on the south by the Caribbean Sea, and the west by the Windward Passage, which separates it from Cuba. Its area is 27 750 km2. The Congregation of the Little Sisters of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus is a Catholic congregation co-founded by Marie Francoise Camelia Lohier on December 14, 1948. She loved the poor peasants and the down-trodden so much that she also collaborated with Louis Farnese Louis-Charles in the foundation of another congregation on February 11, 1960, called the Little Brothers of St. Therese.

Today, around 207 Sisters in the congregation uphold the teachings of their founder/foundress with unselfish love and humble service to the poor. The Little Sister of St. Therese keeps more than 50 orphans from low-income families. They provide them food, health, and education services.


Amidst poverty and the lack of resources to take care of their own needs and their existing clients, the Little Sisters have established several other missions like schools, clinics, sanitariums, etc. They also have feeding programs that benefit low-income families and handicapped elderly.

To support the Little Sisters' mission to contribute to the country's social, economic, and technological development, the Love of Vicentica Foundation currently provides monetary assistance to some of their programs. However, the organization aims to continue to seek ways to stretch out its support to the other areas of necessity.