The Love of Vicentica Foundation

About Us

Long before The Love of Vicentica was formed as a corporation, the board members have supported their respective communities' projects for the poor. Some board members separately or individually initiated programs like rice and milk distribution, financial assistance, and scholarship endowments.

Some members directly work for the poor, and others support good-cause projects. Each member's mission became an organizational pursuit with the corporation's founding on March 19, 2007. The Board of Directors consists of officers and members currently based in the U.S.A, Philippines, and Haiti.

The foundation has branched out to the Philippines with the Batanes-based members of the board as the overseers of its projects. The foundation also shares all its monetary endowments with the Congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Therese in Haiti. Both organizations promote well-being and education for orphans and street children. See Programs and Initiatives.

Although the organization narrows down the emphasis of its mission to the less fortunate in Batanes, Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya, it is the foundation’s objective to be able to support any good-cause projects around the globe especially those that support the less fortunate.
The Love of Vicentica Foundation opens its arms to the needy around the globe, for the ultimate leader of the organization is the ONE who has love and compassion for all.

Vicentica Foundation

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the less fortunate throughout the world by providing services that contribute to the vitality of the impoverished community and improve quality of life.

Slogan – Motto

We are here because we care. We care because we love. We love because of God.

Vicentica Foundation
Vicentica Foundation

Values and Strategy

Love for God and neighbor is the Foundation’s greatest motivation to operate and its constant adherence to its mission and values is the measure of its success.

The Love of Vicentica Foundation recognizes God as the ultimate head of the organization. We commence our activities by praying for guidance and by listening to the dictates of the conscience. We discuss about our good intentions and convert them into results. 

The Love of Vicentica Foundation values life. Because we believe that hunger and poor health is next to dying, we provide food for the hungry poor who are not capable to work due to age and physical and mental impediments. We also provide life-sustaining opportunities to the indigent adults who are physically and mentally capable to learn, work, and become self-sufficient.