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We are here because we care, we care because we love, and we love because of God.

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The Love of Vicentica Foundation is located in Hercules, California. Our vision is to be the most reliable and respected non-profit organization. We conduct ourselves both under the law of God and under the letter of the law, regulations, agreements and policies that govern us.

Vicentica Foundation

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Within the human race, there is inequity, affliction and wretchedness, but there is humanity. We see virtue, consolation, and joy.

The Love of Vicentica Foundation
Vicentica Foundation

Our Vision

To become a model for non-profit organizations because we operate with integrity and honesty and our dreams and our goals are selfless - never for our gain but for the benefit of the less fortunate.

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We are here to help you and your community with whatever we can if you reach out to us with noble cause.


Vicentica Foundation

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We are here because we care. We care because we love. We love because of God.